Vinyl Flooring

With manufactures like Stainmaster (Invista), Congoleum, Mannington, Domco, Tarkett, and Armstrong you will not have a problem finding a vinyl floor in your price range and decor. Some vinyl flooring is so detailed that it is hard to tell them from the real thing. The most popular vinyl flooring construction method today utilizes the rotogravure process.

This allows vinyl flooring to capture the look and feel of any natural flooring material with the added benefits only found in vinyl flooring.Vinyl floors come in various wear layers and will dramatically affect the overall performance of your new floor. Having a basic understanding of the 2 most common wear layers will help you choose the right floor for your needs. Urethane- most of your middle to upper end vinyl floors come with a urethane finish. The enhanced urethane finishes protect your floors from scuffing, asphalt sealer tracking, and most spills wipes off easily with a clean rag, or paper towel.PVC-(polyvinyl chloride) this is your basic vinyl floor wear layer, which gives good durability, but lacks the easy maintenance features found in the urethane wear layers. Scuffs and marks may be difficult to remove. Both of these two types of wear layers do a good job of protecting the underlying printed layer from being destroyed by water. The higher end vinyl floors offer thicker wear layers, additional maintenance enhancements, as well as much better styling and design features.

Why Buy A Vinyl Floor? Vinyl Flooring offers many benefits not found in other floors.

  • Great for accidental spills.
  • Easy maintenance. These floors are an excellent choice for the busy lifestyle.
  • Superior selection! Vinyl flooring offers a wide range of styles, colors, and textures to match any home decor, which gives consumers more options that found in and other floor type.
  • Vinyl flooring offers consumers many affordable price points to choose from.
  • In remodeling, vinyl flooring can resolve the height problem that can occur around door jams, and built in appliances.